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Lotion, Lotion, Lotion!!

Does anybody else have an issue with dry skin, especially when the weather starts to turn colder like it is doing here in North Carolina lately??

I am not a frequent lotion user, but when my skin starts feeling extremely dry, I start using lotion more. That is why I always try to keep a bottle of my goat milk lotion in my purse. I have a small bottle of peppermint lotion in there right now!

Unlike my goat milk soap, my goat milk lotion does have a shelf life. I tend to notice a breakdown in the fragrance after a while, so I never sell lotion that is more than a year old. The lotion may last and work well for longer than that, which is why I tend to keep some of my older bottles around the house.

I make a batch of soap almost every week, but I tend to procrastinate on making lotion because it is a process that spans across two days, with a minimum of 5 hours needed, and that is just to get it into the bottles. I spend another hour or more affixing my labels, ingredient listing, etc. to each bottle. It's time to get a new batch of lotion made and I need some help. I generally make 3 different scents with each batch and I know 2 of the scents that I want to make, but I can't decide on the 3rd.

I will be making lilac, spearmint eucalyptus and one other scent. I currently have enough lavender, almond biscotti, cucumber melon, and peppermint made and a few bottles of vanilla, so I was not going to make more of any of those scents yet.

Which 3rd scent should I make?

  • Magnolia

  • True Rose

  • Sweet Pea

  • Unscented

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