Homemade With Goat Milk


Although we have had many, many goats over the past 25 years, we are down to a select few at present.

Here is Sasha, the namesake for our company.

Here are all of our babies and mothers.

Pickles had 1 girl, Polly, and 1 boy, Darwin, in January.  We have since sold Pickles, but we still have her babies.

Ariel gave birth to 1 girl, Lucy, and 1 boy, Ramsey, in February.

Ramsey, Lucy, Polly, and Darwin are eating the Christmas tree in the bottom right corner.

Sasha gave birth to 2 boys , Pedro and Pablo, in March.   They are in the bottom left corner picture.

Grace is holding Pedro in the center.  There is a closeup picture of Pablo on the home page.

And we cannot forget the boys, Spike and Waddles.