Homemade With Goat Milk


The Fehlman family over the years:

Theresa and Jeremy showing their goats for 4-H. Maria and Grace leading their goats at a show.

Since 4-H only had meat goat competitions, we plunged into the world of the Boer meat goat, although our Nubian dairy goats were always a big part of our goat community at home.

As the kids entered the public school system, the time needed to spend on 4-H goat shows was no longer there, but we remain active in 4-H to this day. Our club is called the Animal Educators Club and I, Michelle, am the volunteer leader of the club.

Anthony has been involved and around the goats from the beginning, but usually he just got to watch the older kids show their goats.

Here is Anthony getting help leading his first goat.

Here is Anthony and Daddy with one of our baby nubian goats.

Jumping to present day, Theresa is 26, Jeremy is 24, Maria is 21 and a senior at UNC Wilmington,

Grace is 19 and a sophomore at UNC Wilmington, and Anthony is 14 and is in the ninth grade in high school.

Fehlman Family - May 2017


Fehlman Family - May 2020