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Homemade With Goat Milk


The Fehlman family over the years:

Above left: Theresa and Jeremy showing their goats for 4-H.  Above right:  Maria and Grace leading their goats at a show.

Since 4-H only had meat goat competitions, we plunged into the world of the Boer meat goat, although our Nubian dairy goats were always a big part of our goat community at home.

As the kids entered the public school system, the time needed to spend on 4-H goat shows was no longer there, but we remain active in

4-H to this day.  Our club, the Animal Educators, ended as the kids aged out of the program or moved away. 

I am the volunteer leader of a new club, the Forestry, Wildlife, and Environmental Education club.  Anthony is the only family member that is involved in this club and I am working hard to increase the membership of this club.

Above picture shows Anthony getting help leading his first goat.


Here is Anthony playing with some of our baby Nubian goats

in May 2018.

I cannot forget our 2 indoor dogs,

Twix, a Boston Terrier, and Snickers, a pug.

Jumping to present day, Theresa is 28, Jeremy is 26 and is married to Allison Schulz(married 10/9/2021),

Maria is 23, Grace is 21 and a senior at UNC Wilmington, and Anthony is 16 and is in the eleventh grade at CATA.  Allison and Jeremy welcomed their first child, Joseph Edward Fehlman, into the family on December 13, 2022!


Fehlman Family - October 2021


Fehlman Family - Easter 2022


Jeremy, Allison, and baby Joseph - December 2022

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