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They are here!!

Treasure soaps are now available in green clover & aloe scent.

My first group of treasure soaps are now available on my website in the green clover & aloe scent. There will only be eight available in each scent as I add them to my inventory. If I find that they are really popular, of course I will increase my production. The following other scents will be made available before Christmas:

Monkey Farts, Ocean, Lavender, Sweet Pea,

and 1 or 2 more.

My soaps have to sit and cure for at least 4 weeks before I can sell them. Since I made the sweet pea scent last night, the treasure soaps in that scent will not be available until December 12th. The other three scents will be available between now and December 5th.

My small to mini size molds in the shape of gingerbread men and snowmen are now available. They are all being sold for the price of a mini mold, $1.25 each.

These are available in the same scents as the treasure soaps, and as of right now only the green clover & aloe scent is available.

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