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So much to see....so much to do...

It has been busy here at the Fehlman home, as I am sure it has been at many homes this time of year. Thanksgiving has now come and gone, and Christmas is less than a month away.

I have been busy with my goat milk soap products too!

My newest addition to my website is my shaving soap. The soap is the same soap that I sell in bars and molds, but it is in a handy 8 ounce jar

with a lid.

There is approximately 7 ounces of soap inside, so there is space at the top to create a lather with a brush.

I have had several customers tell me that they love my soap for shaving, and a recent customer suggested that I make it right in the jar, so I did!

By the way, I have been using my soap instead of shaving gel for years , so this shaving soap can be used by women too! My regular bars also work well for women.

I also sell this in gift bags with a shaving brush.

Currently, I only have 2 scents: ocean and woodlands. Woodlands is more for the men.

Ocean is good for anybody.

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