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The Winners are....

As promised, I selected three winners of my soap ball creations yesterday from my recent orders of $15 or more. Unfortunately, this list of 25 people did not include anybody that made purchases at any of the craft fairs I was at recently. It was just too difficult to determine who made the specific purchases during those events.

Anyways, I numbered the customers in the order that they made their purchase, so number 1 was the person who made the first purchase around October 1st, and number 25 was the person who made the last purchase. I used a random number generator and my winners were

numbers 24, 15 and 22

First place winner of the soap ball snowman is (24) Kimberley Bannister.

Second place winner of the big ball of monkey farts is (15) Carey Montgomery.

Third place winner of the soap ball snow balls is (22) Greg Mason.

Thank you to all of my recent customers!

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