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Mother's Day is less than 3 weeks away!

I have 2 great ideas that Mom will just love to receive on Mother's Day!

My special variety gift bags contain 4 items, all handmade, and they are just $15.00.

You get a medium sized bath bomb, a small lotion(regular or key chain), a wooden soap dish, and a medium soap block in a cellophane bag wrapped with a pretty little rose tie.

I will have them on my website listed as Rose Variety Gift Bag. If you are interested in a particular scent for the lotion or soap, you can indicate it on the comment section of your order.

You can choose whether you want a rose or lavender bath bomb and whether you want a key chain or regular small lotion when you make your selection.

My second gift idea is a bag of bath bombs, for only $8.00. This will include 4 bath bombs of varying sizes in a pretty little tulle bag. I only have 2 scents for bath bombs right now, but I am making more every day!

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