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Sasha's Soaps has loofah soaps!

We have begun to add slices of loofah to some of our soaps. Right now they are just in the extra large bar, and they are only available in a few scents.

View of how loofah is placed

Above is a view of how the loofah is placed in the mold.

<--To the left is a cross section of one of the bars. You can faintly see the loofah in it.

To the right is what ---> the final product looks like.

They will sell for $7.00


We are wanting to also add slices of loofah to our sunflower molds. Here are some pictures of how that would look. What do you think?

View of how loofah would be placed.

View of loofah in mold and a finished sunflower.

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