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Drawing for One Free Month - Soap Subscription!!

For those of you that may not know this, I am also a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant (Senior Director level). My Pampered Chef business has done very well from March until November 2020, and has actually helped keep my soap business going during all those months. Many of my soap selling demonstrations and other events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In late November, with some help from friends/family, and an increase in my marketing ads, the soap business has picked up, thankfully! I also just added a monthly soap subscription to my website.

Now, in the month of December it is time for Sasha's Soaps & Such to help the Pampered Chef business, as this has been a much slower month for my PC sales. How can Sasha's Soaps do that, you might ask? Please read on.....

I am going to give away one free monthly soap subscripton mailing to some lucky winner if/when I get 10 orders of $25(product value) or more on my Pampered Chef personal website by 12/31/20. The link for that website is .

That means you will get approximately $15 of soap products mailed to you at no cost, as the shipping will also be paid for by Sasha!! In addition, once I reach the 10 Pampered Chef orders, anyone that places a Pampered Chef order and does not win the drawing will get a $5 off coupon emailed to them for my Sasha's Soaps & Such, LLC website that can be used at any time in 2021! Win! Win!

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