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Fresh From The Farm!

It's late spring here in North Carolina and everything is growing. The honeysuckle and other flowers blooming cast a beautiful aroma. There is new life everywhere you look! Sasha has given birth to another beautiful little girl. Meet Smores, the newest addition to our farm! She was born on May 9th, the day before Mother's Day!

We have some new additions to our soaps and lotions as well! We have added several new scents to our soaps, such as Asian pear & lily, jade, and run ripened raspberry. Jade and Asian pear & lily are also available in a lotion.

There is a promotion going on right now that I am extending until the first day of summer or until my inventory runs low, whichever comes first. For every $25 worth of product that you buy, you get an extra gift from me. I will either add 2 mini soap blocks, 2 mini soap molds, or 1 small animal mold to your order. If you spend $50, you get two additional items or sets of items to your order. You can specify in the comments what you would like added. Since there are 6 different small animal molds available, you can list your first and second choice. If I run out of your first choice, I will give you your second. Here are some pictures of what you can get as a gift.

The small animal shapes are a dog, elephant, penguin, monkey, cat, and frog.

As far as a scent goes, you can give me some options to choose from, but I cannot guarantee your choice will be available.

I think that covers all of the latest news here. Please let me know what you think of my blog, my website, and especially my products. I will try to have a new blog entry each month. Time passes so quickly, so don't hesitate to send me a reminder if you haven't heard from me in a while.


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I strive to follow the path upon which God is leading me.  I hope and pray that my concentrating on this business affords me the opportunity to stay at home to homeschool my youngest son and be there for the rest of my family.

“I will praise you with all my heart, glorify your name forever, Lord my God.”

NAB Psalm 86:12

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