• Michelle Fehlman

Goat Milk Soap Making Demonstration

Where : Southern States Monroe (Monroe, NC)

When: Saturday, November 21, 2020, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Cost: The cost is $15 for a single person, or $25 if two people come together.

A free $3.00 animal soap is included in the cost of the registration.

Come watch and learn about how to make soap using goat's milk, lye, and the cold-process method! Have you ever heard the word 'saponification'? Here is a chemical definition.

Saponification: The process in which a triacylglyceride is reacted with aqueous hydroxide ion to form a mixture of glycerol and fatty acid salts (soaps). Say what?!?

I will try to explain that word in simpler terms before I actually go through the process. In other words, it will happen before you eyes at this demonstration. I will also explain why the soap is actually not usable for at least 4 weeks after it is made. It has to go through another process called 'curing' during those 4 weeks.

Here is the process

summarized in pictures.

Come to my demonstration

and you will see Step B

thru Step F take place!

Here are the small animal molds that will be given out - one to each registered guest at my demo. You get to pick the animal and the scent from the supply that I have on hand.

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