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New Monthly Soap Subscriptions!!

I am starting monthly soap subscriptions beginning in 2021!! They are already out on my website, but I will not ship the first ones until after the Holiday rush is over. If you subscribe, you can choose a one time monthly purchase for $15.00 + shipping/handling, a 3 month subscription for $13.50 + shipping/handling, or a 6 month subscription for $12.75 + shipping/handling. The cost is per month. The shipping/handling charge right now is $8.30. You can choose all flowery scents or all non-flowery scents for your subscription. This is what you will get each large soap bar, one medium soap bar, and 3 mini soap molds/bars/animal soaps. Here are a few pictures!!

Oh, and each new subscription will get one of my brand new soap pockets!!


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